We're Maciej and Matt, childhood friends and Afghan vets who are fed up and want to know why the f*** so many of our friends are killing themselves, so we started a podcast. Veteran X is about modern-day vets struggling to find meaning after service. We talk to one vet every episode about building a life while struggling with trauma.

If you're a Canadian veteran, interested in Canadian veterans, or maybe you're someone struggling, this podcast is for you. Join us as we explore what it really means to be a veteran today.


Matt Luloff

Co-Host of Veteran X and a 7-year combat veteran with both Reserve and Regular Force experience. Matt served with the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Afghanistan.

Maciej Czop

Co-Host of Veteran X and a 5-year combat veteran with Regular Force experience. Maciej served in Afghanistan with Battlegroup HQ.

Laura Luloff

Executive Producer of Veteran X and wife of Matt Luloff. Although Laura never served in the Canadian Forces she supported her spouse through his 10-year battle with PTSD.